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"1974 Porsche Carrera RS" added to models --November 28, 2001
In 1974, Porsche Carrera RS used a 3.0L engine to increase the power, which provided more horsepower for competition Porsches, and street runners.
"2001 Porsche 911 996 Turbo" added to models --November 18, 2001
The 911 (996) Turbo was first introduced in 2000. The new 911 Turbo draws its enormous power from a flat-six, water-cooled, 3600cc engine  boosted by twin turbochargers. This car stands out from all the other 911 Turbo in looks and performance. Newly restyled headlights and rear spoiler give it a beautiful look.

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"Porsche 911 SC" added to models --November 03, 2001
Porsche used the same 1975 Carrera 3.0L engine in this luxurious sports car. The engine however didn't deliver as much power as the Carrera 3.0L engine, but because more torque was available at lower revolutions, which made the car was nicer to drive. This car could still tick 60MPH mark in less than 7 seconds and tops above135MPH.
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"1974-1977 Porsche 911 (930) Turbo" added to models --October 23, 2001
In 1974 Porsche presented a forced induction, road going sports car at the Paris Motor Show. It was not just a Porsche it was the first production car to make practical use of a turbocharger.
"1974-1975 Porsche 911 Carrera" added to models --October 17, 2001
In 1974, Porsche made significant changes in 911s. The lineup now consisted of the 911 2.7 engine (from '73 Carrera RS). The body modifications included reinforced doors and heavy duty bumpers that could withstand a strong impact. Often you will see the script "Carrera" written across the lower portion of the 911's side.


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