Model 1974-1975 Porsche 911 Carrera
0-60MPH 7.5 seconds, 8.5 seconds (US)
Top Speed 144MPH, 131 (US)
Category Production (1974-1975)
Engine flat-6, 2687 cc 2.7L
Horsepower 210 hp, 175 (North America, 1974), 165(North America, 1975)
Torque 188 lb ft, 175lb-ft (North America,74), 166 lbs-ft @ 5100rpm (North America, 75)
Transmission 5-speed manual
Description Rear-engine, approximately 3300 were produced.

In 1974, Porsche made significant changes in 911s. The lineup now consisted of the 911 2.7 engine (from '73 Carrera RS). The 911 Carreras in had a 2.7L engine producing 210 HP and 175 HP in North America.

    The body was modified from the previous 911s,modifications included reinforced doors and heavy duty bumpers that could withstand a strong impact. The Carrera sported the new whale tail (RS wing), instead of the "ducktail" of the previous 1973 Carrera RS (German versions still had the duck-tail, because it was considered pedestrian safety). Often you will see the script "Carrera" written across the lower portion of the 911's side.

    In 1975, new emissions laws in North America caused Porsche to redesign the exhaust system, and when the dust cleared, the Carrera only output 165 hp (North America),



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